My first memorable publication as a biologist was my Ph.D. thesis: 

Behavioural dimorphism in male ruffs. Behaviour 47: 153-229 (1973).

My main research papers were:

The patterning of preening and other comfort behaviour in a herring gull. Behaviour 63: 71-109 (1977).

Processes in feathers caused by bathing in water. Ardea 65: 126-147 (1977). 

Communication by agonistic displays: a discussion. Behaviour 74: 284-293 (1980).

Being honest about one's intentions: an Evolutionary Stable Strategy for animal conflicts. J.theor.Biol. 85: 623-641 (1980 - Johan van Rhijn & Ron Vodegel).

Units of behaviour in the black-headed gull, Larus ridibundus L. Anim.Behav. 29: 586-593 (1981).

On the maintenance and origin of alternative strategies in the ruff Philomachus pugnax. Ibis 125: 482-498 (1983).

Phylogenetical constraints in the evolution of parental care strategies in birds. Neth.J.Zool. 34: 103-122 (1984)

A scenario for the evolution of social organization in Ruffs Philomachus pugnax and other charadriiform species. Ardea 73: 25-37 (1985). 

Black-headed gull or black-headed girl? On the advantage of concealing sex in gulls and other colonial birds. Neth.J. Zool. 35: 87-102 (1985).

Biparental care and the basis for alternative bond-types among gulls, with special reference to black-headed gulls. Ardea 73: 159-174 (1985 - Johan van Rhijn & Ton Groothuis). 

On the mechanism of mate selection in black-headed gulls. Behaviour 100: 134-169 (1987 - Johan van Rhijn & Ton Groothuis).

Unidirectionality in the phylogeny of social organisation, with special reference to birds. Behaviour 115: 153-174 (1990).

Mate guarding as a key factor in the evolution of parental care in birds. Anim.Behav. 41: 963-970 (1991).

Incomplete and irregular annual replacement of secondaries in Eurasian Golden Plovers, Pluvialis apricaria. Wader Study Group Bull. 120: 102-107 (2013 - Joop Jukema, Erik Bunskoeke, Theunis Piersma, Ton Pieters, Anita Koolhaas & Johan van Rhijn).

In tundra plovers the frequency of inner flight feather replacement varies with length of long-distance flights. Ardea 101: 121-132 (2013 - Joop Jukema, Johan van Rhijn, Peter Olsson & Theunis Piersma).

Diversity of nuptial plumages in male Ruffs Philomachus pugnax. Ardea 102: 5-20 (2014 - Johan van Rhijn, Joop Jukema & Theunis Piersma) with supplementary tables.

Geographic variation in morphometrics, molt, and migration suggests ongoing subspeciation in Pacific Golden-Plovers (Pluvialis fulva). Auk 132: 647-656 (2015 - Joop Jukema, Johan van Rhijn & Theunis Piersma) with supplementary tables.

For the Open Universiteit I participated in the writing of more than ten courses. Some of these texts became available for a broader audience. They were published in two books on behavioural biology and on the relation between humans and ecosystems. Both could be bought in book shops:

Ethologie: Veroorzaking, ontwikkeling, functie en evolutie van gedrag. Wolters-Noordhoff, Groningen, 425 pp (1989 - Johan van Rhijn & Margriet Westerterp-Plantenga).

Mensen in hun oecosystemen. Wolters-Noordhoff, Groningen, 117 pp (1990 - Johan van Rhijn & Margriet Westerterp-Plantenga).

For three courses (on behavioural ecology, evolution and physiology) I acted as a coordinator and as the main author

Gedragsbiologie (2005). This course is no longer part of the curriculum. The written material (in Dutch) can be found here.

Evolutie (2009)

Fysiologie (2009)

I also prepared two short 'open' courses (scientific notes to Bryson's 'Short History of Nearly Everything' and a lecture on biodiversity and the human foot print) that are freely available a at the website of the Open Universiteit:

Focus op natuurwetenschappen (a guide for readers of Bill Bryson's 'Small history of nearly everything') 

Biodiversiteit: de menselijke voetafdruk (a lecture) 

From before the time I came to Groningen up to now, I wrote quite a number of short articles, about research, teaching, and other topics, most often on biology or environmental issues, sometimes contemplative, sometimes critical. So were my columns in a small periodical for my colleagues and students at the Open Universiteit.

Besides, I wrote six books:

The Ruff: individuality in a gregarious wading bird. T.& A.D. Poyser, London, 209 pp (1991)

Hoe rekbaar is onze planeet? Feiten en fictie over de draagkracht van de natuur. Veen Magazines, Diemen, 255 pp (2010) - on carrying capacity of the earth..

Darwins Dating Show. Wie kies je als partner en wie zorgt er voor het kroost? Veen Media, Diemen, 228 pp (2013) - on sexual selection.

Moeders vader. De bijna vergeten oudste zoon van meester Heuvel uit Borculo. Uitgeverij Fagus, IJzerlo, 180 pp (2017) - on  the life and carreer of my unknown grandfather, Johan Hendrik Heuvel (1892-1928).

Geleerd bedrog. (a novel on a worrying scientific breakthrough). Brave New Books, 224 pp (2019)

De Enne Jans Heerd op Maarhuizen (the story of a very special farm, an almost undisturbed terp from the time of Christ in the country of Groningen) to be published in 2019.



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